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Strategy Overview

At Concerto, our strategy team act as trusted advisors to our clients, defining needs, then prioritising and focusing on delivering practical and enduring results … however difficult and complex the task.

Incorporating people, behaviours and organisational development, backed up by rigorous evidence-based analysis, we can empower our clients in Corporate Strategy, Leadership Development and City & Community Strategy.

Corporate Strategy

We combine our breadth of expertise to maintain our clients’ competitiveness in a fast-changing environment.

Working collaboratively within these firms, we assess their vision, objectives, scope, risk and value, tailoring solutions and enabling their people to achieve their full potential. And because leadership teams rely on our insights, we develop long-term relationships with those individuals.

Our client base is made up of Professional Institutions, FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 organisations.

LeaderShip Development

By developing the talent that you already have within your organisation, you can drive organisational performance.

We provide unique models, The Concerto Chameleon Manager and The Concerto New Entrepreneurial Leader, to help organisations unlock that talent.

Our one-to-one executive coaching equips leaders with the right tools to take on the challenges and pressures they face every day.

Strategic Business Case Development

We work closely with our clients to create, shape or re-adjust strategic business cases.

You might be at the early stage of identifying options that respond to perceived needs; or you might have already piloted the front running option and are finessing the approach. Wherever you are on the scale, we bring a unique blend of strategic thinking, analytical horsepower and plain common sense.

We write clear, compelling business cases that define the strategy, assess the options, identify and mitigate risks and present realistic cost forecasts and cash flow profiles.

And importantly, we work collaboratively with you to help navigate the often complex stakeholder environment and to establish clear, effective governance processes.

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