Change is constant, change is inevitable, change is challenging.
At Concerto we relish a challenge. You could even say it’s music to our ears.

As a management consultancy, we advise and support public and private sector organisations around the world, developing strategy, implementing change and delivering programmes.

We work with people who put their trust in us. Our team of experts acts in partnership with our clients, taking the time to listen, to get to know their needs and to share pride in working together. We find solutions that change the game.

Our work spans the project lifecycle, from devising or reviewing strategy, business transformation and organisational change through to the delivery of physical and technological assets.

We deliver, whatever the scale – from a single desk or business process, to a workplace or an enterprise solution, to a whole city.

We’ve worked for Blue Chip companies around the world and for government at all levels. We are one of the UK’s most sought-after companies providing project review services under the Cabinet Office’s MPRG (Major Projects Review Group) framework contract.

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At Concerto, our strategy team act as trusted advisors to our clients, defining needs, then prioritising and focusing on delivering practical and enduring results … however difficult and complex the task.

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Delivering complex programmes is a challenging task. Our world-class expertise and experience makes us one of the most sought-after companies in the UK public sector, providing programme delivery and assurance services.

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Concerto offers support by fostering powerful commercial relationships between supplier and client organisations.

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We make change stick by working with our clients and understanding their unique requirements in transforming their business, from complex programmes to the people who make that organisation tick.

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